The Gerrards Team

Meet the Gerrards Team…

As most of you know, we have gone through a few major changes in the last three years. The ladieswear side of the business has grown from a small area upstairs to take over the whole of the ground floor, and with that our team has slowly expanded. This has been a bit of a learning curve for me, and I have realised that not everyone is a natural boss. If I am being honest I am too eager to be liked, and to be part of the team; I’m working on it! Luckily we have Paul who has no such qualms…

Brilliant staff make all the difference when you run your own business. Every day we look at our little Gerrards team and feel incredibly lucky; the right person always seems to come along just when we need them most. From buying and merchandising to customer service and styling, everyone has a unique talent and works hard to help us achieve our vision for the shop.

If you are a regular, you will know the most of the Gerrards team already, but read on and you may be surprised. We have different training and backgrounds, but we all share a love of fashion and customer service (aka we LOVE chatting). The icing on the cake is that we are all great friends too.

UPDATE: Sophie has flown the nest! As I write, she is in Milan, assisting on an Alexander McQueen photoshoot before starting an AMAZING new job with Rankin Photography. We will really miss her in the shop, but we’re so proud and not at all surprised that she has been snapped up!

Paul: The Boss.

Paul - The Boss

Nancy: The buyer

Paul - The Boss

Jayne: the model.

Jayne - the model

Harry: display queen.

Harry: display queen

Sophie: Social Media Whizz

Sophie- Social Media whizz

Charlotte:The whirlwind.

Charlotte: the whirlwind

Katie: The stylist

Katie: The stylist

Not just the ‘grumpy old man’ upstairs, Paul is the bedrock of the business. Budget controller, all-round handyman, voice of reason and problem-solver.  He has been in retail for longer than he cares to divulge and therefore is a dab hand with a spreadsheet.

Likes: Cats, dogs, chips, burgers, wine, gin, The Shed and The Vine King

Dislikes: Politicians, authority, quinoa, people who overspend budgets.

Secret Fact: Paul has a VERY eclectic taste in music. Let’s just say his Spotify playlist is unsuitable for the shop.

Buyer, fashion-lover and all-round control freak, the shop is my second ‘baby’ and I LOVE my job. My favourite things include meeting new people, chatting with customers, discovering new labels and working on all our social media.

Likes: Work, family, friends, salad, cheese, wine, reading, cats, social media.

Dislikes: Spreadsheets, budgets, junk food, rude people, exercise.

Secret Fact: I am married to Paul, which saves me from being fired when it comes to overspending.

Jayne is our model and all round happy, smiley person. She has a knack for putting outfits together and making anything and everything look fabulous. Customers love Jayne for her brilliant sense of style, honesty and her babysitting skills!

Likes: Prosecco, dancing, figs, holidays, tennis.

Dislikes: Social media.

Secret Fact: Jayne plies Paul with sausage rolls when I put him on a stealth diet.

Everyone loves Harry, and she has a brilliant skill for merchandising and displays. The originator of ‘trying on time’ the ‘Google clean’ and ‘Prosecco Thursday’ she falls in love with each new delivery and is never knowingly on time.

Likes: Fun, dancing, fast cars, Earl Grey, sweet old people.

Dislikes: Hashtags, having to get ready in a rush.

Secret fact: Harry secretly loves being mistaken for my daughter, when in fact she is my sister…

Sophie is handy with a hashtag, is super-organised and efficient and never does less than a brilliant job. She has a degree in fine art and is on the verge of graduating with a Masters in Fashion Marketing. Definitely one to watch!

Likes: Gin, tattoos, skulls, Instagram, shopping, jewellery, any colour, as long as it’s black.

Dislikes: Feet.

Secret Fact: Sophie has such a bad foot phobia, she can’t even bear to look at her own feet.

When Charlotte came along as a Saturday girl, little did we know what she would bring to our shop. She has been ‘on the ball’ right from the start! She has just graduated from FRA, where she studied all aspects of the fashion industry. As you can imagine, we are making the most of her knowledge before she sets off on her travels later in the year.

Likes: Make up, the gym, healthy food, getting things done.

Dislikes: When the shop gets messy.

Secret Fact: Charlotte is the youngest member of the team, but often the most sensible…

Talented Katie originally trained as a midwife, before setting up a creative business and completing an art foundation course. She is now launching an exciting career as an editorial stylist, whilst assisting me with the buying. All this alongside bringing up her lovely family. Phew…I think she comes to us for a rest!

Likes: Chocolate, shoes, boots, trainers….

Dislikes: When people say she shouldn’t buy any more shoes.

Secret Fact: Katie is going to be one of our guest bloggers, so watch this space!

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