Designed and hand finished in London, Decadorn’s stones are small treasures of nature, hand sourced from beneath the equator. An evolving collection of natural beauty with contemporary influences.

Founder Helen Bailey worked as a Fashion and Interiors Buyer for over 10 years, before launching Decadorn in 2011 at her weekly stall in Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch, London.

Helen discovered a niche in the market for individual and unique jewellery pieces at an affordable price.The aim was to create a collection of one of a kind, statement pieces, that are timeless and appealed to fashionable women of all ages.

Semi-precious stones are sourced from beneath the equator, kept mostly in their natural state, unpolished and completely one of a kind. Every piece is hand selected by Helen for its natural beauty and comes lovingly gift wrapped in a soft velvet branded pouch.
‘Decoration and Adornment’ are the inspiring words behind the brand focus, which created the brand name Decadorn.

Helen’s leather wrap bracelets have been a staple since we started stocking the brand, and continue to be a true favourite all year round. It’s like Christmas every time we unpack a delivery of her stunning crystal pendants; each piece is unique and beautiful
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