Gerrards Christmas Wish List

What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

If you don’t already know us well, here in Gerrards we all have a big, genuine love for what we sell. Harry has christened 5.20pm as ‘Trying on time’ (this sometimes creeps to…oh…about 8 hours earlier, all in the purposes of research of course!), and we all constantly have our beady eyes on what we would love to take home. I have been given the dubious moniker of ‘Hardest person to buy for’ aka fussy, as I am the buyer for the shop, and from candles to clothes, all my favourite items come from here. Paul thinks that giving me a gift from our own shop is lazy; I think it’s a win/win situation!


It’s always lovely to unwrap the perfect surprise on Christmas Day, but sometimes the people who love us would appreciate a not-so-subtle hint in the right direction! It’s very simple; just pop into the shop and make your list. Choose the items you love, and we will keep the details on file for you. Tell your partner, sibling, parent or friend that we know exactly what you would like, then trust us and them to do the rest.

We usually suggest listing a few options, just so the gift giver has a choice and you have a semi-surprise. If you are dealing with a Christmas Eve shopper who likes to cut it a bit fine, please ask them to phone ahead to make sure we have what you would like, or have time to order it in, as we don’t order huge numbers of anything and some pieces are unique.

So, in the spirit of launching our annual Christmas ‘Wish List’ service, and to give you a few ideas, I have asked everyone in the shop to choose the items they would love to find under the tree on Christmas Morning.

To start, I have chosen the youngest members of our team; our fantastic Charlotte (18 going on 35) and my daughter Ellie, who at 14 is a font of knowledge for all things teenage.

Charlotte's Gerrards Christmas Wish List

Gerrards Christmas Wish List

Charlotte is a gorgeous, glam 18 year old who loves going out but is so hard working and has an amazing eye for fashion as she is studying at Philip Green’s Fashion Retail Academy. We can’t believe our luck that we have her here in the shop.

This is what she would like to find in her stocking this year, all available in store at Gerrards (Clockwise from top left):

Triangle necklace in matte gold, £39, Nordahl. She already has the earrings so would love the necklace to match.

Cucumber & Mint diffuser, £18, Parkminster Products. It was between this and her other favourite, Rosemary & Basil. Charlotte is a hater of sickly sweet scents so this fresh fragrance is right up her street.

Wool scarf, £65, Ombre London. Beautifully soft and warm, and it goes really well with her lovely Second Female coat.

Emma Go ‘Bowie’ boots £150. Perfect for a night out as they are high but still comfortable (Charlotte may be a party girl but she is VERY sensible!)

Nooki Design ‘Lulu’ sequinned clutch in charcoal, £75. For the aforementioned  nights out.

Ellie's Gerrards Christmas Wish List

My daughter Ellie isn’t strictly a member of staff, but at 14 I often refer to her when customers are looking for gifts for their daughters, nieces and granddaughters. Obviously she was happy to pick her favourites, and I’m delighted to get a few hints.

Clockwise from top left:

Ingenious necklaces, from £21 each. Silver and rose gold are particularly popular, and Ellie’s favourite is the open circle necklace, £45.

Orange Blossom candle, from £5 for a small votive, Parkminster Products. This fresh, floral scent is s big favourite here at home, and Parkminster has the stamp of approval from Zoella. If you have a teenager in the house, you will know who this is!

Here is Ellie at the  famous ‘Trying-on time’. She loves this cosy, fluffy ‘Nouvel’ jacket, £125, Marie Sixtine. It looks fab with her Topshop skinnies and classic converse, and anything that encourages her to wear a coat is a good thing in my book.

Ellie has been asking when she’s old enough for a lovely watch. I think this beautiful ‘Parlour’ midi dial in grey and silver, £75, from Olivia Burton, is perfect for someone her age as a special gift.

Last year we couldn’t resist giving each of our three girls a hat from Bobbl. Last year, Ellie’s favourite colour was pink. This year she has moved on from bright colour and would like to add a new bobble in black, £25, to her collection. Interchangeable pom poms are very handy when you are prone to changing your mind.

I’ll be posting more of our personal Christmas Wish List Inspiration next week, but if you feel inspired, pop in and start your own!

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