The label POM Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by the Dutch sisters Liesbeth and Violet. They set out to make superb quality shawls that make women happy. Shawls that can completely change your look in the blink of an eye. The two sisters design all fabrics and shawls themselves at their office in Amsterdam. Often you find some subtle accents of POM Amsterdam, or some other fun elements of Amsterdam, woven into the fabrics.

The shawls are mainly produced in Europe with small elements in the Far East. Besides its own collection, POM has also designed collections for various partners, including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, KLM / Royal Dutch Airlines (check the in-flight magazine!) and the Dance4Life charity. Step into the colourful world of POM Amsterdam and perk up your outfit with one of their (our) many products! Choose a POM that fits your style and makes you feel warm, cozy and beautiful.

“We love designing shawls that give women the opportunity to express their own personal style. A shawl is the perfect way to enhance your outfit in an easy way: it will lift your look instantly as it is close to your face, so everyone will see it! We hope you enjoy wearing your POM as much as we enjoyed designing it for you!”