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SVP Jewellery: Change is Beautiful

I’m not going to lie, the first thing that drew us to SVP Jewellery’s beautiful coloured gemstone jewellery was our magpie-esque love of sweetie-like jewels and anything sparkly. Fire opals that dance in the sun, iridescent labradorite, which looks different depending on your mood, dark blue sunstone like the deepest starry night, or vibrant green emerald; every ring tells a story.

Then, we were lucky enough to meet the designer Sarah Parham, and we immediately realised that her vision is about so much more than making pretty things; her mission is to change the coloured gemstone industry for good, working with everyone to ensure a more ethical supply chain. We love a collection with a story, so straight away, we knew on every level that we would love to work with Sarah and SVP.

Sarah Parham of SVP Jewellery

SVP Jewelllery Office

SVP Jewellery at Woven Agency

How SVP Jewellery works….

Inspired by a love of innovation, SVP Jewellery was launched in January 2014. British designer Sarah Parham was brought up in West Africa, and a childhood spent surrounded by joyful sights and sounds has instilled a great love of colour which infuses her collections with a vibrant aesthetic.

Beautiful and ethical

Sarah Parham, the designer behind SVP Jewellery

Change is Beautiful

On a deeper level, the SVP Jewellery ethos is driven by a desire to change the way the jewellery industry operates, in particular the fair obtaining of semi-precious gemstones. SVP Jewellery only uses recycled silver and gold, all stones are ethically sourced, and after carefully designing and making prototypes here in the UK, Sarah travels to India, where she works with highly skilled artisans to create the signature SVP Jewellery look.

Our first collection from SVP Jewellery

Sarah Parham, the designer behind SVP Jewellery

Sarah’s main aim is to produce beautiful jewellery with a fair, kind and ethical background, and we are so happy to have the opportunity to work with her at Gerrards.

Click here to find out more about Sarah, SVP and why #changeisbeautiful or pop into the shop and fall in love with the collection as we have done!

NB: on a practical level, all rings are handmade using recycled sterling silver with gold vermeil and ethically obtained gemstones. Handily (no pun intended) they are all adjustable, avoiding size issues.

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