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Gerrards Shop Makeover
Shop makeover
Shop makeover
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The other day I was chatting to a new customer who has just discovered our shop after moving to Reigate, and it made me realise that lots of you only know us in our ‘new’ guise and don’t know the story behind the shop makeover that transformed Gerrards and has changed everything for us.

At the beginning of 2013 we were in the doldrums. The previous couple of years had been tough for everyone, and we were really feeling it. Time after time, customers would exclaim that they didn’t realise we sold ladieswear, or that they had always assumed we were an old-fashioned gentlemen’s outfitters. Something had to change…

We had always intended to do a shop makeover, but we were waiting for the elusive day when we had the finances to do a major shopfit. As a small independent business we had so many dreams and ideas of how we wanted our shop to be, but after a few bad seasons we were completely despondent.

Menswear dominated the shop, whilst our ladies department languished upstairs on our mezzanine level, unable to fulfill the potential I knew was there. The tipping point was a comment from a lovely customer who happens to be in the fashion industry; “I can’t understand why you don’t move ladieswear downstairs…it’s a wasted opportunity” and so the seed of our shop makeover was sown.

Lacking the necessary funds, we decided DIY was the way to go, with the shop being closed as little as possible. Luckily Paul is very handy and once he has a bee in his bonnet he really gets on with things. Here is our journey, starting with the shopfront.

Our original shopfront was traditional black and white, which now not only looked old-fashioned, but was dirty and chipped and belied the contents of our shop. We wanted to retain a classic feel, working with the blues and greens of the traditional stained glass of our big, beautiful windows, so we chose a calming greeny-grey colour; ‘Hawkesmoor’ from Mylands ‘Colours of London’ palette.

Now that the front of the shop was looking the part it was time to tackle the interior of the shop. Part 2 of our shop makeover journey to follow…

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