Instagram love

Instagram love.

As a social media platform, Instagram is probably the fastest-growing, with over 400 million users worldwide (figure courtesy of and we happily admit we have jumped on the bandwagon. With an option to add a rose-tinted filter to all the best bits of your life, what’s not to love?

New arrivals, cats and Ellie at 'trying on time'.

Instagram love

Our Facebook page is the most fantastic way to connect with customers about new arrivals and happenings in the shop, but we love the way that Instagram gives us a chance to share a few more varied snapshots of our daily life. Food, dogs, cats, clothes, holidays…did I mention cats….all feature strongly, and I love the way I can intersperse shop-related photos with little snippets of life outside Gerrards.

When I first discovered my Instagram love, I went filter-crazy, but thanks to my 14-year-old’s sage advice, I now go for a #nofilter finish, relying on natural light. I sometimes add a bit of brightness, but generally I keep the editing to a minimum. Unless it’s a selfie, then I filter the hell out of it…

Dogs, dinnertime and beautiful Jayne.

Instagram Montage

A frequent gripe with Instagram is that it only shows the ‘best bits’, and as the mum of a self-conscious teenager it can be infuriating sometimes, as she compares herself to someone who is blatantly employing all the filters ever invented. But, as an adult, I can separate myself and enjoy escaping into Insta-world, where legs are tanned, food is nourishing and healthy and children are always adorable. Let’s face it, who wants to see the boring, messy and downright unflattering side of life when we can see it every day in our own homes?

Happy customers, beautiful views, nights out and days at the beach...

Instagram love

So….if you love clothes, cats, dogs, people, and want a glimpse inside our little world, share our Instagram love at:

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