Tilly Sveaas established her jewellery brand, originally named ‘Silver Service’ in 2006… and has spent the last decade sourcing and developing relationships with the finest silver suppliers and experts in East Asia.

Working abroad has inspired the two main themes of protection and freedom in Tilly’s collection. Delicate, resilient, hand carved wings in silver, horn and bone symbolize Guardian Angels keeping a watchful eye over the wearer. Compasses signify an adventurous soul – a spirited wanderer on the search for fulfilment, while arrows suggest direction, forward movement, positivity and action.

The ability to mix and match different charms daily to reflect mood, belief and personality, is rooted in the freedom of movement and expression experienced while traveling abroad.

Tilly Sveaas is the gift that keeps giving. Once you have chosen your chain, one charm is never enough! Create a new necklace by swapping or adding charms. Tilly’s wings and stars are ever-popular, but with designs being created all the time, it’s way too tempting to keep growing your personal collection!
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