Having met while studying at the London College of Fashion, Ash & Lorraine’s keen eye, entrepreneurial spirit and design credentials saw them join forces and establish Pyrus in 2002. Originally set up to source and design for High Street and Department stores thoughts soon turned to a stand-alone brand where the designer’s creations could be channeled into their very own product. These dreams soon came to fruition, three years later in East London, when Pyrus (the brand) was established in 2005.

The duo say of Pyrus “The aim of Pyrus has always been to create wardrobe favourites for fashion conscious women, creating perennial classics, which are not affected by fashion fads.”

This clear vision and determination had not always been apparent with both Ash & Lorraine pursuing different careers prior to attending the London College of Fashion. Ash, originally from India was a studio musician, trained classical pianist and guitarist with a degree in economics before turning his hand to fashion. Lorraine on the other hand had her sights set on an acting career and had been modelling since the age of 5.

The very first Pyrus collection was sold from the couple’s living room, which was turned into a temporary showroom. To get the brand off the ground both Ash & Lorraine worked two jobs to ensure its success. The collections are now stocked in some of the world’s most premium retailers as well as independent boutiques and departments stores across the UK, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong.

The couple still live in London with their son Oscar and two miniature Daschunds who go to work with them everyday. Summer 2014 sees the launch of Juniper Rose, a sister brand to Pyrus. Juniper Rose presents a youthful spirit, key shapes, detailing and the signature Pyrus laid-back style at a diffusion price point.