Maison Labiche is, at first, the story of a Parisian epic. In 2011, a team of young Parisians, with only their fierce desire for independence and their know-how to invest, centred around a common ambition: to create a house with a soul, a personality, articulated around beautiful products.

A very pure and simple embroidery is Maison Labiche’s magic formula. A chain stitch with a single sewing thread and a typography inspired by the gowns of French residents of the 1950s. The choice of placement of the embroidery is, deliberately, on the heart.

Iconic and essential pieces are at the core of the Maison Labiche collection: T-shirts & Sweatshirts; timeless, unanimous, mixed and popular. These pieces are worked in thick cotton, with a straight cut that suits all, pieces that one would like to wear every day, which will live long, age well and that will make us feel beautiful.