Glitter poppies for the Poppy Appeal

Adding a bit of sparkle to the Poppy Appeal….

The painstaking glittering process begins...

The start of the poppy process...

The dining table as 'glittering station'!

The start of the poppy process...

Michelle, delivering the first batch of poppies.

Poppy preparation

Sybil, wearing her poppy with pride.

The final result...

When our lovely customer Michelle decided to add a bit of a sparkle to her annual charity poppy a few years ago, little did she know that her creative idea would grow legs and run away….

Inspired by her love of anything sparkly, and initially intended for a few family and friends, her crafty plan has turned into a yearly glitter-fest that has raised well over £1000 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

How it all began….

Three or four years ago, Michelle walked into the shop sporting her customised poppy, and in typical magpie fashion, we all spied it and wanted one for ourselves. Being a kind soul, Michelle glittered us all a poppy in return for a donation to the Poppy Appeal. Soon, our customers saw us wearing them and wanted them for themselves, and so it went on…

The next year, Michelle delivered 50 poppies to the shop, which flew out in no time. It was time for some serious glitter action!

How it works.

Michelle is a registered poppy seller for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, and as soon as she receives her quota of poppies she gets to work. The dining room table is commandeered as the ‘glittering station’ and for a month the house and all the people and animals within become hostages to red, green and black glitter!

Every poppy is taken apart and each section is glittered separately, before being stuck back together. Michelle buys all the glitter and glue with her own money, and needless to say, gives up her own time to create these sparkly beauties. Every single penny raised goes straight to the Poppy Appeal. Michelle doesn’t take a single penny for the materials or her time; it’s a real labour of love.

2014 and beyond.

Last year she really decided to go for it, planning to glitter 500 poppies, and sell them to friends, family, colleagues, and through our shop. Even that wasn’t enough! We couldn’t get enough of them, and were constantly amazed at people’s generosity with their donations. The Poppy Appeal is obviously a cause close to everyone’s heart, and Michelle raised over £1200.

This year we would love to raise even more. 600 poppies are being made glittery and fabulous as we speak, and the first batch is already available in  Gerrards.

One last thing…

Michelle’s charity venture started off in a tiny way, and has grown more than we could have believed. Thanks to the power of social media, I have been asked by a few people if we can send them through the post, but after a lot of deliberations about logistical issues with the donations, we have decided to keep it local, in the spirit in which it was started. It was simply proving too difficult to find a way to take payments other than the cash donations that are handed in at the shop. I hope you all understand!

Michelle’s customised glitter poppies will be available at Gerrards in the run up to Remembrance Day, as long as stocks last. Please check our Facebook page for updates, and of course the grand total at the end!

Suggested minimum donation is £2 per poppy, and every single penny raised will go directly to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.



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